Healing hearts. Healing the land.

Living in Healthy Community.

Hope Grows Farm is a sustainable, all natural farm existing to provide food for the students, individuals and families involved with the ministry and schools associated with Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center, as well as providing fresh produce and meats for our local community.

The farm utilizes permaculture and natural farming practices both new and ancient. We embrace technology that makes farming easier as long as the technology doesn’t harm the environment. Our goal is to be good stewards of God’s glorious creation.

Our garden beds are modeled after Paul Gautschi’s “Back to Eden” style gardens with raised beds with deep mulch. We also utilize Dr. Cho’s Korean Natural Farming techniques by infusing the soil with indigenous micro-organisms (IMOs are good bacteria for the soil). No artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used in our gardens or in our orchards. We have chosen to not go through the long and challenging process in seeking the USDA designation of “organic” in this season due to cost and time. But be assured, our fruits and vegetables are better and more natural than most designated “organic” produce available. 

We raise animals in a humane manner and seek to allow the animal to live it’s life in a way consistent with the animal’s natural tendencies. We rotationally graze our animals in a system that keeps the animals and pasture healthy. Our sheep are all grass fed and grass finished. Our dairy cow grazes peacefully and is only fed grain at milking time. Our chickens are free range and forage a good amount of their own daily diet. Our ducks are free range, pasture fed and have a beautiful pond where they express their inherent duckness. Our pigs are pasture raised and spend most of their lives in the woods, foraging nuts and roots and forest vegetables.  We do not use pre-emptive antibiotics in our feeds. All of our feed is organic or grown in our own gardens.

We make our own yogurt, butter, ice cream and cheeses. Tom Cole is a certified cheesemaker, with certification through the University of Vermont’s Artisan Cheesemaking School. We enjoy the process of preserving food the same way people have been doing for thousands of years. We also smoke and cure our meats, making sausages, salami’s and other delicious charcuterie. We brew various probiotic beverages such as kefir, Kombucha, natural ginger beer and water kefir. We also ferment vegetables, making the nutrients more readily available to the body and providing good bacteria for the digestive system.

Hope Grows Farm seeks to be an example of healthy community, healthy farming and healthy relationships!