Restoring Leadership to Change a Generation


The Giant Worldwide Leadership Intensive is broken into five stages:

Know Yourself to Lead Yourself

Stage 1 uses the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step II tool to develop a greater sense of self-awareness while holding a up a mirror so that leaders can understand what it’s like to see themselves as others do. We also take time to help leaders explore and understand the connection between their Behaviors, Drivers, and Self Concept.

Visioning a New Future

In stage 2, we help leaders remove internal barriers and the fear of failure to clarify their preferred vision of the future for every area of their lives.

Dealing with the Past

Stage 3 uses extended story telling, allowing leaders to share the highs and lows that have shaped them. When leaders invest the time to dig beneath the surface of their lives they are able to understand how past issues, often buried and forgotten, have the capacity to prevent them from living into their preferred futures.

Leadership Landmines

Stage 4 uses the leader’s new understanding of their motivations and drivers to take an in depth look at the character and skill issues that are most likely to undermine their leadership in the future.

Personal Development

Stage 5 pulls together the diverse strands of the Intensive experience to create clear goals for the future. The goals are grouped together under: self leadership, family leadership, team leadership, and organizational leadership.

About Tom Cole

Tom Cole will be implementing all Leadership Intensives. Tom has a 25 year history in counseling and coaching. He has helped thousands deal with past issues that hinder them walking in their full potential. Tom is also a Senior Associate with Giant Worldwide, a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship.

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