Restoring Individuals to Transform Communities

Healthy People cultivate healthy community

The Hope Grows Restoration Center for Healing exists to see individuals come into the fullness of their calling. We provide an intensive program for restoring broken, burned out and disillusioned pastors, missionaries, other church and para-church leaders, and individuals desiring healing and fullness of life. Our primary offering consists of week-long intensives that include one-on-one pastoral counseling and prayer, focused readings and times of quiet and reflection in a beautiful and natural setting. The intensives are Monday through Friday and consist of three hours a day of pastoral counseling and prayer and then directed times of reflection and study. Some may stay for one week of the intensives, while others may choose a longer stay.

Tom and Donna Cole will be leading the Restoration Intensives. The Coles have over 50 years of combined experience in bringing healing to the emotionally wounded. They are the co-authors of "Pure Heart - Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes". They travel nationally and internationally teaching, ministering, counseling and bringing freedom to the broken hearted.

Here is what Christian leaders are saying about Tom and Donna's ministry:

Karen Anderson, leader at Youth With A Mission - Kansas City and author of "Worth & Beauty - What Every Woman is Looking For, But Few Find"
"I am so thankful for Tom and Donna Cole who bring real answers to the broken and wounded through their powerful teaching and prayer ministry.  Personally, I have witnessed many young people who have come through our DTS (Discipleship Training School) in YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Kansas City experience radical transformation under their ministry and leadership. We require one of the 12 weeks in our schools to be a "Pure Heart" week. Many of our students testify that week to be the most life-changing week of their lives. I highly recommend their ministry to anyone, and especially for the emotionally wounded and sexually broken." 
David McDaniel, Father and Base Leader, Youth With A Mission, Tokyo, Japan.
"I know many leaders who feel tired and discouraged.  Focus on task and the “tyranny of the urgent” have become routine and a quiet despair is accusingly accompanied by doubt as they wonder, “Where is the fruit?”.  Often these leaders have no real heart connection to others who can speak into their lives, no place where they can be truly vulnerable with their souls.  In this place of striving and aloneness, these precious men and women are often assaulted in their thought lives and emotions. So, where do these leaders go for help, healing, hope and restoration?”
I have been fortunate to have been blessed by two people I count as dear friends and bringers of hope to my life.  Tom and Donna Cole are two of the safest and most authentic ministers of life and freedom I have ever met.  Prayer, truth and lots of laughter mark my times with them.  They are highly skilled in counseling and pastoral ministry.  They are prophetic and insightful.  The Lord has given them rich insight into the workings of the human heart, and they have applied this insight to help leaders around the globe (including me) reconnect with their own hearts so that they can again connect deeply and authentically with the heart of God and the hearts of those to whom they are called to minister.They have been used in my life and I know that they will be used in yours.  I whole-heartedly commend Tom and Donna to any leader who is tired and in need of a renewed hope."    

Dennis Jernigan - Husband, Father, Grandfather, Formerly Broken Man Now Restored in Christ, Author of the book Sing Over Me and of worship songs like You Are My All in All and many others.

"When I think of Tom and Donna Cole, the words freedom, restoration, and hope come quickly to mind. I’ve heard their story. I’ve seen evidence of their faith. I’ve witnessed personally how God uses their brokenness to bring healing to others. I would send one of my children to them for ministry, should the need arise. That’s how convinced I am of the healing presence of God in and upon their lives. Being in the ministry for decades now, I regularly come in contact with leaders - from pastors to worship leaders to lay leaders - who have grown weary in their well-doing. To have a place to refer them to…a place of healing and peace and restoration and hopefulness…is an amazing and wonderful gift to the body of Christ. Leaders - wounded and broken and weary leaders - need a safe place and open arms of comfort where they can find personal healing. Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center is just such a place…and Tom and Donna Cole are true servants of God who have personally walked from brokenness to healing in their own lives. I highly recommend this ministry to you."   

Mike Rizzo - Director - Marriage & Family Ministry, International House of Prayer-Kansas City and co-author of Vertical Marriage and Longing for Eden.

"Tom & Donna Cole are all about "restoration." They demonstrate it by their personal testimonies and have given their lives to impart the same to others. I have personally received ministry from Tom when my life was in a major transition period. He helped me to receive healing for my heart as well as guide me back into a "re-launch" of my ministry. I heartily recommend the Cole's"

Reinier Blijleven, Base Director, YWAM-Amsterdam

My dear friends Tom and Donna Cole are among one of the most outstanding couples that I know. They have a true gift to open their hearts in a way that makes others open their hearts to them. There's not a lot of people that I know who can pursue a healthy life holistically like they do; targeting spirit, soul and body. They know how to have spiritual discernment, help others find healing in all kinds of ways, but also are just so much fun to be around. And that makes sense, because it should be fun to be healthy people that are living fulfilled lives! I truly love these guys and my wife and I are proud to call them friends."    

Jim Orred - Leader in YWAM Global

"Leaders are human and need occasional times apart like Jesus modeled with His twelve apostles.  Tom and Donna Cole have authority and integrity like few I know, to get into your faces with lots of love, and see restoration happen by the Spirit of truth in a safe small community setting.

Too many leaders don't stop to get required maintenance done, and the results can be tragic. I believe that the Coles are gifted to work with the Spirit of truth to see people healed in a way that they become agents of healing to others and prevent unnecessary breakdowns in their own lives and ministries.

The Coles have fruit that remains, wherever they have ministered. I highly recommend anyone who walks with Jesus and His friends to take an opportunity for one of their leadership intensives that are now being offered in Greenville, South Carolina".   

Paul Eastman - Therapist

"God used Tom and Donna Cole’s life and ministry to bring healing into my life. It was my first experience with inner healing and I’ll never forget the first time I walked out of a one-on-one session with Tom Cole. I never felt so loved by Jesus before that point in my life. Eight years later I am now a therapist working inside of drug rehabs, churches and jails ministering Jesus spiritually, biblically and clinically. I often wish I could bring Tom and Donna with me, so others could experience the ministry they have been entrusted with. Over the years I have been able to watch the two of them travel the world and faithfully bring healing and God’s love to this generation. I believe every church leader, counselor, worship pastor, etc., needs to experience this life changing ministry and bring back the love of God to their churches!"       

Erik Fish - Author and Speaker

"Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to actually learn from Jesus in His day? To walk alongside Him as he challenged ungodly religious traditions and set people free to know the Father and experience forgiveness, freedom and healing?

Tom and Donna’s ministry will connect you with the true historic and present Jesus to care for the deepest issues of your heart. Devoid of shame or guilt or religious legalism, you will encounter Jesus in ways that set your heart free. Walk through their intensive and you’ll experience the wonder and joy of truly encountering Jesus — the Jesus who is alive and active and really cares about you and the matters of your heart".         

Jason Thompson - Executive Director, Portland Fellowship, M.A. Counseling

“We, as leaders serving the Lord in ministry, know God’s power and desire to redeem us from sin and death and to heal and restore, and we faithfully lead others toward that hope.  In the process, we can experience discouragement, frustration and failure and even question our effectiveness and purpose.  When these times come, we need a personal time of refreshment, encouragement, hope and even continued personal healing.  Tom and Donna Cole, through the ministry of Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center, have offered such a place.  Tom and Donna have served in ministry since 1994 and know the difficulties and trials that we as leaders face.  With compassion and understanding, Tom and Donna will lead you through a week-long intensive to experience renewed intimacy with Christ and encouragement to continue in your calling as you serve the Lord.”    

The Cost of the Week-Long Intensives

The week-long intensives will have a fee of $2,000.00 for the 5 days, or $2,500.00 if you choose to stay on the farm. Housing consists of a private room with a kitchenette, private bathroom and a separate entrance. Three meals a day will be provided for you as well. If you have extenuating circumstances that would make it impossible for you to pay these fees in total, contact us to see about scholarships and sponsorships.


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