Hope Grows School of Sustainable Agriculture and Healing of the Soul.

A unique school bringing healing to the human soul and to our planet.

The focus of this 10 week school is to train individuals in sustainable agriculture, as well as in the practice of healing the human soul. Years ago we started to dream about how we could bring our passion for inner healing and sustainable agriculture together.  We know one of Jesus’ primary missions was to “heal the brokenhearted and to set the captive free” (Isaiah 61). We also know we are to be wise stewards of the earth (Gen 2:15).  This dream turned into a very unique training to help believers establish healthy communities that are sustainable and healthy (spirit, soul and body).  

You will learn about both practical inner healing techniques and experience the ins and outs of sustainable farming techniques, care of orchards and gardens, food preservation, canning, drying, curing, cheese making and the fermentation of foods. Students will also learn humane animal husbandry and the daily care of a variety of farm animals. Along the way we will engage in essential conversations about how spirituality and faith can create a healthier relationship with the land.

The Hope Grows School is a 10 week, live-in program located 30 minutes north of Greenville, South Carolina. Tuition will include room and board, as well as all supplies and curriculum needed to learn sustainable agriculture and inner healing. This is not for the faint at heart! The schedule will be full and each student will be required to do hard work each day. Ideally, students will have already completed an internship or school such as a Youth With A Mission DTS, an internship at IHOP, a Bethel School of Ministry or some other discipleship program. This program will not be a basic discipleship program, or a place to come and receive inner healing (though you will get healing in the process). It is intended for those who feel called to the ministry of healing in the context of healthy community.

Dr. Derek Kirbow will lead the Permaculture Certification Course

Dr. Derek Kirbow will lead the Permaculture Certification Course

Included in the 10 week school will be full certification in Permaculture for every student of our Hope Grows School. Dr. Derek Kirbow will lead the students in a 2 week intensive training in Permaculture. Derek has been working in the field of permaculture and sustainable agriculture for over a decade. In that time he has completed site designs and worked on foundational research in the area of food security around the world including Hawaii, Africa, and Samoa.  Currently on staff at the University of the Nations, he serves as an instructor and a member of the International Committee of Science and Technology. He holds advanced degrees in international development and food security and is a certified permaculture designer from the Nashville Permaculture Guild. 

Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center

Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center


The details

The only way to truly become an “expert” at something is by doing. Farming, permaculture and inner healing are no exception. A normal day at Hope Farms School will consist of a blend of classroom instruction and field application including: 


• Farm Chores. You might find yourself feeding chickens, building pens, digging in the garden or helping maintain the farm.

• Classes in permaculture and agriculture by local and national experts

• Classes in inner healing with Tom and Donna Cole, and others. 

• Field Trips and Farm Tours

• Meals

• Community Connection times

Tom and Donna Cole will lead the Healing of the Soul courses.

Tom and Donna Cole will lead the Healing of the Soul courses.

The cost of the 10 week school is $4,200.00. Each prospective student must fill out an application, submit 2 personal references and one leadership reference. If they have completed an internship at another ministry, we’d like to be able to contact the leadership of that internship for a reference as well. 

The next Hope Grows School for Sustainable Agriculture and Healing of the Soul begins April 3rd, 2017 and ends June 9th, 2017

We believe that working side by side, in God’s creation, and training in healing of the soul will be a powerful and life-transforming experience. If you, or someone you know, loves the outdoors, desires to work hard, wants to learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle while bringing healing to the brokenhearted, then this school is for you. Our desire is to see healthy, sustainable and life-giving communities scattered throughout the earth. Come and be a part of this revolutionary school!

For more information, contact us at tom@hopegrows.co, or fill out the Application below to get started!


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